Friday, 7 June 2013

We Have A Winner.... So To Speak.....

Sit down Rebecca Black, try harder next time Nicole Westbrook, she was the girl that sang that Thanksgiving song, we have a new winner in the most terrible music video awards. Now I didn't think this would be possible but let me introduce to you Danny or D4NNY (said "D" "four" "N" "N" "Y") to your screens.

Now I know it isn't really fair because he didn't have his parents spend thousands of $$$ buying their child a professional music video and auto-tuned voice from Patrice Wilson but some people are just not destined to be performers.

Anyways I hope you all enjoy this new talent and I am sure you will see him soaring up the charts in no time!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Big 4th Year Re-union!

As I type I am on a train to London to meet up with my house mates from 4th year who I don't think I have seen since.... well 4th year! This being the case I am looking forward to a pretty amazing weekend.

I currently have a group of young people sat in the block of seats next to me playing music through their phone and screeching along with what sounds like Bieber on speed. But I am in such a good mood I will spare you the angry post. (Note to self: next time remember headphones!)

Oh and I also finally sold my car this morning! Result!!! And the sun is peaking out from between the clouds!

Today is going to be a good day!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Common Courtesy

So tonight I was supposed to have a guy come to buy my car! Exciting stuff, sad that I have to part with it but good news it is going to a new home and I am going to have a few extra pennies in my pocket! So after striking a deal with the prospective buyer on the phone, we agreed he would come by at 7pm today to do the deal. So I made sure to get out of work a little early to get an earlier train to get home in time to sort the necessary paperwork out before his arrival. However it is now 9pm and he is yet to make an appearance!!!

I thought at first he was running late... held up in traffic... so I rang him to find out his location, as of 7:15pm he hadn't even left his house and didn't understand the reason for my call! So on the call he assures me he would be here within the hour... nothing! I have since tried ringing again and now he is just ignoring me! It is such a selfish and mindless thing to do as I have now wasted my entire evening waiting for someone who didn't even have the common decency to tell me he was running late/not coming (despite confirming he was at 3:30pm today)!

As you may be able to tell I am not in the best of moods! However should you be thinking "I could use a new car" then please see the photo below and get in contact if you are interested in buying it! Just make sure if we do strike a deal you actually turn up!!

Maybe I am being to hasty.... maybe he will appear any second...

Sunday, 27 January 2013

YOLO...... so be careful!!

After Andy Samberg left SNL and started appearing in a number of films and TV shows I was a little worried that The Lonely Island may be no more! But thankfully they are back with another awesome song. This time staring Adam Levine & Kendrick Lamar they target the frankly ridiculous saying that is YOLO (You Only Live Once for anyone who wasn't sure).  I also thought that if you saw only the parts with Adam Levine in the video/song could easily be mistaken for a Maroon 5 song. I am not saying it is their best song ever but it is up to the usual standards and guaranteed to make you smile. Let me know below which Lonely Island song is your favourite!

So sit back and enjoy the video below and remember no blankets or pyjamas, they can choke you in your sleep....YOLO!!

Friday, 16 November 2012

A Night On The Town

So you have got yourself all dressed up for a night out on the tiles and before you know it you are in the middle of the dance floor of that exclusive London (other cities are available) club dancing to that new catchy song! You think to yourself, for the money I have paid to be here I must be having the best night ever... Right??

Well after seeing this new song from the Axis of Awesome, I think they have described the true experience of going clubbing perfectly!

Well this is what it is like 90% of the time! There is always the odd occasion that is just truly epic... And then they start playing dubstep... More "wubs" anyone??

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Commuter Wars

So I have noticed recently that I seem to form rivals on my daily commute. Now these people have never done anything to insult me or anger me in any way, they just seem to be the people I notice every day on my journey to and from work! They are the people who get on my train (that's right, my train) and tend to sit in a similar place to me. 

Now because they do get on my train, my brain has decided they are my enemy, my rival! If I were Ash they would be my Gary (a Pokemon reference there that if you aren't between the ages of 20-25 you probably won't understand!) So every day I find us locking eyes at the platform as the train arrives knowing only one of us can sit in THAT seat and we must get to it as quickly but discretely as possible. This is one of the main rules in this duel, you cannot let on that you care despite the fact that at that moment there is nothing more important than getting to THAT seat!!! The winner will sit there and feel smug for the rest of their day while the loser will be forced to sit somewhere else and plan a better strategy for the morning!

Well that is my take on what happens on my commute and I personally find it a much more boring experience when your rival is not there... No one likes winning by default!!!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Rebecca Black v2.0!

Right so I know it has been a little while since I have posted.... OK a long while... but when I saw this my jaw just dropped! The man behind Rebecca Black has waved his magic, and slightly creepy, wand over another young american teen. I present to you Nicole Westbrook!

Patrice Wilson, the aforementioned producer/rapper, has brought in new talent that, unfortunately for young Nicole, makes Rebecca Black's Friday look like a chart topping platinum record! So sit back and "enjoy" Nicole explaining to you just how great Thanksgiving is!

P.s. What is this guys obsession with dates and calendars...